Dealz France

Poundland, a well-established retailer in the UK, recently launched the Dealz brand over in France specifically for their French audience after the success of Dealz Spain. Dealz is the European version of Poundland, using Euros instead of Pounds as the main currency. AMA were tasked with helping them execute their online launch, which meant creating a website that matched the Dealz brand and created a comfortable user experience.

Using the Dealz brand colours, our talented developers recreated a similar site to that of dealz.es to keep the brand consistent worldwide. This also meant that we were to translate the content from Spanish to French.


How we did it

Our designers created various assets for the website, such as the images for the homepage carousel, and the countdown clock, which is currently being used to highlight to users that new stores are being launched across France. The design, as with all other assets, had to match the brand guidelines, and so we ensured that the Dealz green and yellow were featured. Our team built the countdown clock with the correct functionality which can be seen on the homepage of dealz.fr.


Countdown clock asset creation and coding


Store Locator


Fully responsive website


Bespoke WordsPress CMS areas (e.g. ability to alter price roundels styling)

One aspect that Poundland wanted to focus on was the clothing section of the website, which is named “Prêt-à-Porter”. For this section of the website, we created carousels to display the products in different sections such as “Bébé” (baby) and “Maillots de ban” (swimwear). The carousels feature images of products that we fully optimised for web use, as any image that was too large would have slowed down the loading speed of the website. In addition to this, we created new yellow and blue roundels to show the prices effectively, that are slightly different those seen on the other product carousels.



The result

As with every website we make, we followed our own process which ensures that each aspect is covered off with the users in mind. Our testing involves ensuring that the site works as it should on mobile and tablets, as well as various browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. The client was happy with our work following the launch of five French stores to date, and we continue to work closely with Dealz and Poundland.