New Website

Gordons LLP is a leading law firm based in Leeds, and with one of their key specialist areas being retail law, it felt very fitting that we were invited to pitch for their new website – and we were pleased that our competitive pricing meant the forming of this new partnership.

With their previous website reaching 5 years old and looking a little dated, Gordons realised it was time to introduce a new, fresh design, bringing it more in line with their branding and user requirements.

The new design needed to be fully responsive for all device types, suit two primary audiences and include an easy-to-use but ultra-modern content management system (CMS).


How we did it

Our website design specialists first wanted to tackle the ‘white text on black background’ of the older site – a design element that the client liked, but we know isn’t as readily readable for the average visitor. We created a design that reversed these colours in the main content fields, while retaining some elements in the original format to ensure it met with the client’s approval.


Full graphical redesign and user interface


Modular template sections to allow in-house editing and choice


Full suite of new photography


Live Video Analytics


Maintenance package

The result

The client was delighted with the functional yet accessible CMS – which gives them more control over their website – along with the perfectly balanced user experience we’ve managed to implement for both of their visitor types.