New Website

Burmatex are a leading carpet designer and manufacturer in the UK, specialising in carpet tiles for offices, schools and more. Following a competitive pitch, AMA were selected to work on the existing Burmatex website, enhancing the user experience and ensuring that the site was fully compatible with all device types.


How we did it

First, we started off by performing a technical audit of the website, which brought up some problems that needed fixing. By setting up a priority list of tasks to undertake, we took the time to research, plan and assess each problem. Once agreed with the client, we began with various bug fixes, and a change to the image carousels. To give the Burmatex website an immediate modern outlook, we modified these carousels to be full page width, allowing the client to easily showcase their products.

Using our technical knowledge, we ensured that we didn’t damage the existing website and database with our design changes. This really came into play when we were tasked with reorganising their market sectors, as it took a lot of planning to ensure it was correct first time. This was so that each sector is clear and easily visible to users. We did this by creating wireframes to ensure that the systems worked correctly and efficiently.

One aspect to note is that the Burmatex website was a complex site to work on. The site is similar to an e-commerce site, as they have a large variety of categories and products which you can view and order samples for, despite not being able to order the products themselves as you would on an e-commerce website. AMA helped with the sample ordering process on the website, to ensure that it was working smoothly for both the user and Burmatex. We took into account various factors such as the notifications, correct sample ordering and more. We also ensured that the client had more control to be able to edit their content as they update their website with more products frequently.


Full technical audit


Information architecture to plan changes


Latest digital design thinking to modernise key elements of the existing website


Sample ordering process evaluated and improved

The result

As with every website we make and modify, we followed our robust design and build process which ensures that the end result gives the user the best viewing experience no matter what device type they use. The client was happy with our work, and we continue to work closely with Burmatex.