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As a specialist FMCG and retail marketing agency, we know that success in your sector is driven by competitiveness, visibility, and fast turnarounds.


We take a unique, intuitive and informed approach – creating strategies, concepts and campaigns that are tailored to your individual brand, inspired by our strong gut instincts (honed from years of collective experience) and advised by research, stats and up-to-date industry insight.

Our marketing agency team is made up of creative designers and content writers, web developers, ad men (ad women always welcome!), strategists, SEO experts, and client services professionals – a heady mix of geeks and people-people. We explore a broader base of ideas, looking at different channels, buyer behaviours, measurable data, performance and the latest digital innovations to ensure your brand is always a step ahead of the competition.

Peak performance means everything to us – both our own and yours. We blend creativity and technology to future-proof your brand as much as possible in the online world.

There’s nothing that we love more than devising and delivering effective marketing services that make a tangible difference to your bottom line.

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AMA works with brands at a regional and national level. AMA prides itself on truly caring about what we do for our clients and therefore always doing a good job. What else is there to separate the many different marketing agencies out there?! We have experts that will elevate your brief and take it beyond what you thought was possible. If you think you’d like to work with a forward thinking, market-focused agency with high standards, then feel free to get in touch!

Our team

Alexander Thompson


Mike Thompson

Content Copywriter

Kirsty Fraser

Graphic Designer

James Mayes

Front-end Development Specialist

John Dooley

Account Director

Louise Nedham

Content Copywriter / SEO specialist

Alex Bendell

Graphic Designer

Martin Thomas

Information Architecture Specialist

Natalie Granger

Account Manager

Liza Ambat

Web Developer

Ben Kristy

Web Developer