If you’re running a campaign aimed to capture data and create genuine leads, our landing page optimisation tips are well worth consideration…

We’ve helped hundreds of clients to create and optimise landing pages over the years. In addition to capturing the user’s attention, you also need to capture their information – or try to ensure that they take whatever action you’re trying to encourage.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned about landing page optimisation, formatted into some simple tips for you to follow.

Five ways to improve your landing page optimisation

Clarity – you only have seconds to engage each visitor, so your landing page needs to be completely clear. What are you offering? What do they need to do to access it? How will it help them? What problem are you solving? You may be offering a whitepaper download, a guide or even an exclusive webinar. Whatever it is, you have to make them want it, and make it worth them parting with their contact details in exchange.

Transparency – a landing page must never be misleading. Integrity is everything. If there’s another gateway to pass in order to access the info they want, be honest. If there’s some kind of cost to whatever service or support you’re offering, publish it. Wasting someone’s time by not being upfront from the outset will never result in a conversion.

Image is everything – well, imagery. Just because it’s a standalone and probably temporary page, don’t skimp on design and visuals. Your landing page needs to create a great first impression, and quality images, or even better, a short video (live action or animated) that helps clarify your proposition/offer will up your landing page performance. If you can make it emotive, something that will really tug at your audience, that’s a bonus. The quicker you can connect, the quicker you’ll convert.

Strong CTAs – creating a strong call to action is essential. In fact, depending on the length and structure of your landing page, why stop at one? Whether it’s a sign up form, a ‘download’ CTA or whatever works for your asset/offer, ensure that users can take the required action easily – and ideally, immediately from wherever on the page they are.

Cut out the noise – clutter creates confusion. So cut it out. Avoid unnecessary navigation, busy backgrounds, loads of call-outs and icon devices. Just keep it simple, well-structured, clear and focused on the audience, their needs and the action they need to take.

So there you have it – five tips to help you improve your landing page optimisation skills!