The client brief

We were approached by the marketing team at Leeds Beckett University for the provision of some targeted SEO content writing for their website.

As part of a website optimisation project, they’d identified a range of valuable search terms around the theme of careers information, and the available pathways to those occupations. They asked us to produce a series of optimised career articles aimed primarily at existing and prospective undergraduate students, and to help encourage improved search results and a better user experience for the website overall.

Each article had to follow a uniform structure to allow for design and information consistency, with the content to be published and linked to throughout relevant sections of their website – including school blogs and careers hub.


What we did

The first job was to collate the SEO keyword data required to identify the most valuable search targets based on the client’s requirements. Once this was done, we developed a suggested page strategy for each career focus, with additional targets also highlighted that we could add in to help boost on-page signals and provide deeper context for the search algorithms. Our SEO content specialist then collated the resources and information already provided by the team at Becketts, conducting additional research to ensure all core details were gathered and ready for writing.

We’d been provided with a rough structure for the SEO content along with a guide word-count for each section, which we needed to keep the same for all items. Once the first piece was drafted, we worked with the client to agree on the final layout and ensure we were hitting the crucial balance between providing the right level of information – without over-saturating the content with unnecessary details.

Once the initial piece was signed-off by the client, our SEO content specialist rolled out the rest of the copy, following the agreed structure to deliver all materials to a consistent standard and design within the promised timescale.


The results

In the client’s own words, the finished career articles were ‘aspirational and concise’ and the Beckett’s team soon got to work uploading them to help provide guidance to their students and website users.


If you’d like to check out some of the career-specific SEO content we produced, check out these links to our nutritionist career guide and how to become a child psychologist piece here.