Content strategy and adopting a mobile first approach can enhance the user experience and is vital to keep ahead of your competitors.

Understanding your audience, their behaviours, motivations, needs and desires is key to your content strategy and user experience. Publishing to the web, mobile, and social channels takes time and resources.

Without a strategy in place, it’s easy to waste effort on things that don’t get you results. People don’t seem to budget time to deal with content, it’s often considered an afterthought once their new website is built.

Great content is only valuable if people can easily access it!

Adopting a mobile first approach

Should different content be delivered to mobile devices? For us it depends on the website requirements and how users want to use the site on their mobile.

The first point is to ensure that the content is readable, navigable and searchable on mobile devices, this is something that we have explained in a previous blog article ‘Are You Responsive?’.

People use mobile devices in different locations and context and they get to choose the device that they consume content on. We should not restrict content from them, if you are considering not using certain content for the mobile, it probably doesn’t need to be on the desktop site either.

In some cases content should be prioritised and structured differently for mobile devices, mobile should be the catalyst to improve the desktop website.


Structured content, some users don’t mind consuming long article on their mobiles, scrolling can be preferable to breaking an article into multiple pages. Articles can also benefit from anchor links allowing users to jump to the content that interests them, they may not want to scan the entire article.

There are many options how you can structure your content, understanding your audience will help you form the strategy for your website and its content. Click here to get in touch and begin forming your content strategy.