In this month’s Latest Digital Stats roundup includes news about online shopping, short-form ads, Black Friday, and so much more!

64% of people booked their August holiday online

2000 UK customers have supported how people prefer to book their holidays. Consumers prefer to compare online bookings to high street travel agents. This year, 64% of people booked their holiday online and just 27% booked through a high street travel agents. Only 9% booked over the phone.

55% of people used a comparison site at some stage of booking their holiday. This has lead to an average saving of £168 per flight, £36 for an accommodation and £325 for a package holiday.

Source: An Awin survey

Three fifths of UK online retailers are already planning for Black Friday

Over three fifths of online UK retailers are already planning for Black Friday this year. This has come from a study of 416 online retailers who have been trading for a minimum of 12 months.

Moreover, 62% of these respondents are planning ahead for the Black Friday event. 45% of these respondents said they were ensuring that their stock levels were able to meet demand and 39% said they were clarifying the offers and deals that would be available. So, why are retailers preparing so early? 56% said it was to ensure their consumers had the best offerings on the market and 44% said it was to ensure they have plenty of time to increase awareness and market and promote their offers more efficiently.


Product recommendations generate 33% higher average order value

Product recommendations have a big impact on quick sales and customer experience. When customers engaged with product recommendations, retailers saw a 70% increase in purchase rate. This is in both initial sessions and search sessions.

It was also found that the customers who added recommended products to their shopping basket in their initial session were purchasing more items and had a 33% higher average order value.


Six second TV ads found to be impactful

Research from ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) shows that 6 second adverts on television can generate better levels of engagement than longer ads.

From the analysis of 100,000 spots over half a year which involved a poll of 2000 households, it found that just 3% were aired in short format (six seconds). The same number of 60 second ads were aired, followed by 25% being aired in 30 second ads and 59% being aired in 15 seconds.


Nearly half of over 65s in Britain shop online

This month, nearly half of over 65’s in the UK are shopping online which has increased since 2008 from 16% to 48% in 2018!

Furthermore, the most frequent shoppers online are adults ages 35 to 44 years with 48% of this age group shopping more than 10 times in the last three months. Also, 30% of this age group also spent £1,000 or more in the last three months.

Clothes and sports goods have been the most popular purchases online this year, they have been bought by 55% of adults. Moreover, household items such as furniture, are the second most popular items as they are purchased by 48% of adults which is followed by 42% of adults purchasing 42% holiday accomodations.


87% of consumers would abandon a purchase if checkout involved too many steps

The majority of retailers are likely to abandon their online basket if checking out becomes a farce. Out of 1000 respondents, 87% said they would abandon their online shopping basket during checkout if the process was too difficult or lengthy. It also raises more of a concern for retailers as 55% of these respondents said they would never return to the site if they had this issue.

In terms of demographics, 83% of generation Y (people born between 1980 and the end of 1994) said they would not complete a long or complicated checkout process. This increases with older consumers, as 90% of people aged 55 and over also said they would not follow through with this process.