There are more than 700 million people scrolling through their feed each month. Therefore, prices have been hitting serious highs. An account with over a million followers can earn upwards of $50k (depending on its engagement) for a single sponsored post.

Marketers noticed that when an account has a large quantity of followers, fewer people bother to engage. This rose the question about the value of a multimillion army of fans and whether or not it was more effective to market through accounts with fewer followers.

The ratio of likes and comments to followers peaked when an account has around 1,000 followers. If you have more than 100,000 followers, engagement starts to decrease because users aren’t as interactive with a celebrity, as they would be with someone that they can relate to more. Micro-influencers, have successfully settled in the world traditionally ruled by greater influencers like the Kardashians and helped gained more value for marketers.

Using Micro-Influencers to Promote Your Business

Have Micro-influencers Tell a Story

For content to really relate and reach your target audience, your influencer needs to create a story around the brand or product. This is because you cannot bet on consumers engaging, researching and noticing your product solely based on the placement of images.

Run Ongoing Campaigns

When the goal is to promote your brand, you’re going to need to more than a one-off campaign.

One campaign may be efficient for a new product launch or to drive a few more sales. However, you will need your micro-influencers to partake in a long-term campaign. This is essential as you want your target audience to consume as much content about your brand as possible.

Why do Micro-Influencers Matter?

Even though micro-influencers have far fewer subscribers than bigger icons and celebrities, making them become influencers for the promotion of online stores can be more profitable for marketers.

By using people that are easier to relate to, you provide the audience with trust and allow them to develop a close relationship with the influencer, which is critical for purchasing decisions.

Three simple statistics:

  • 60% higher engagement
  • Underpriced (6.7X more cost-efficient per engagement)
  • 22.2% more weekly conversations than the average consumer

60 percent higher campaign engagement rates are driven by micro-influences and these campaigns are 6.7X more efficient per engagement than users with a higher number of followers. Also, they drive 22.2 times more weekly conversations than the average consumer.

What are the Challenges of Micro-Influencers and How Can You Solve Them?

Micro-Influencers are are difficult to find and with more people expanding their audiences on social media, finding the right influencer can become of greatest importance.This can take a huge amount of time to find the correct influencers. There are several ways you can refine your search for your micro-influencers.

Followers of your business account

Choosing an someone who knows your business and is used to purchasing your brand is one of the best tactics of finding your perfect influencer. Bloggers will be more inspired to build a partnership while marketers will save much effort to provoke a business idea.

Use hashtags

People use hashtags to refine search. Therefore, it would be a good option for marketers to take advantage of this feature which is used across nearly every social media site. To make this tactic effective, it is best to undergo some keyword research and narrow them down to help specify the kind of influencer you would like to find.

Automate the search

Carrying out manual research can be time-consuming. Using marketing automation tools, such as Buzzsumo and Klear, can help you facilitate the first stage and leave marketers with a list of possible micro-influencers.

Micro-Influencers are Harder to Work With

If you are aiming to increase the revelation of your business, you will need more than one micro-influencer. One mention on social media may not be enough to efficiently market your product or service. Therefore, this means more time will be spent on engaging in search to find relevant influencers.

There are multiple benefits when recruiting various micro-influencers to help promote your brand. Even though micro-influencers are better to be given freedom advertising on social media, you’ll need to develop guidelines on your  brand and campaign goals so you can quickly deliver the promotional idea and find a common ground with bloggers.