Animated Seasonal Banners

We’ve established a great ongoing relationship with our valued clients at Poundland, and we loved the creative challenge of developing a range of animated digital banners for their global website.

Having an eye-catching digital presence online is essential if you want to build brand awareness, and moving visuals can add an extra level to your web identity. However, the same animation all the time will quickly get a little boring for regular visitors, so Poundland wanted different banners for seasonal use throughout the year.


How we did it

Our marketing consultants and designers worked together to come up with a variety of creative ideas to celebrate events such as Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter. Each animated banner went through the following process:








Cross-platform testing


The result

The client loved the creative and was impressed that we’d ensured each one worked perfectly on all devices (mobiles, tablets, desktops etc) prior to release – we even went on to create a version especially for Dealz, to cater for their Irish market.