An auditable website

Klober was formed in 1960 and is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of roof ventilation products and roofing accessories. As part of their ongoing investment in online marketing and measuring it’s success, Klober asked AMA to look into making as many links as possible on their website auditable. This is an important thing to do if one is continually evaluating and improving website pages and specific or overall user journeys…which one should be doing!


How we did it

Through website coding and a thorough understanding and practical working knowledge of the Google Search Console, AMA ensured all relevant links, downloads, phone numbers, videos, and email addresses were trackable and measurable for Klober. As a roofing manufacturer they have a lot of downloads for information on their many different products. By setting up Goals, AMA was able to show Klober exactly which download had been triggered, even where there are are multiple downloads on the same page. A fully auditable website.

The result

Whilst not necessarily difficult to complete, as ever proper planning was necessary, as well as an expert knowledge of websites and Google. AMA’s skillset has now provided much needed bespoke analytics to Klober for their website. A small job but one that not may companies remember to do!