Interhouse Design

Website Refresh

Interhouse Design are a team of talented interior designers who create stunning show homes for the UK property market.

With their previous site beginning to look outdated with drop shadows and a thinner site width, their work wasn’t being showcased in the best way due to small images. Interhouse realised it was time for a refresh and to allow the images to do the talking, they didn’t want a full redesign so we were tasked with bringing the current site up-to-date.

The new site needed to be fully responsive for all device types and include an easy-to-use but ultra-modern content management system (CMS).


How we did it

As with all of our web design services, we applied essential ‘mobile first’ thinking from the outset of the project, ensuring that all-important brand consistency and the best viewing experience on any platform or device.

We provided the client with a website that included:


A beautiful and on-brand creative design


Full content management system to enable easy adding of new homes


New website design & development


Well thought out layout ensuring the images are the main focus

The result

The client was delighted with the functional yet accessible CMS – which gives them more control over their website – along with the perfectly balanced user experience we’ve managed to implement. They were especially pleased with the layout of the portfolio pages and how they have control over how the images are shown, ensuring that they do the talking.