AMA is proud to offer a team of truly talented web designers and developers to help you create an online presence that looks great and gets results. Our proven experience in website design and unparalleled digital knowledge will ensure a web solution that you, your customers and the search engines will love.


We’ve built beautiful, functional websites for brands of all sizes across a wide variety of industries throughout the UK. Our designers work closely with you to understand your brand personality, your audience and your business objectives – creating the perfect digital platform to promote your products or services.


We don’t just provide website design and web developers either – we can support you through every stage of your success, providing digital marketing services to form a strategic partnership that will make your brand more visible, and more profitable.


Our website design services…

A key part of website design is ensuring the user journey and user experience is the best it can be. This is, in part, why AMA recommends responsive design for most (but not all!) new websites. Whilst it means a lot more work in ensuring the website(s) ‘work’ across multiple devices, it will give users the best viewing experience for desktop, tablet, and smartphone.


Here’s how our web design process works…

Adopting a mobile first approach
AMA uses a mobile first approach to all its website design & online projects. In short this means focusing on the user experience and interface on mobile devices first. Once this is right, it’s far more efficient to look at larger screen sizes, e.g. desktop computers. Of course, mobile devices are not just about screen size and the real estate available for content, there is touch screen functionality to consider as well as the particular situation the device may be used in.
Wireframing before creative design
In order to ensure the user interface is correct and to ensure SEO is taken into account from the start, AMA website design agency goes through a process of ‘wireframing’ each page of the website. This looks at the architecture and layout of each page, without implementing any creative graphic design. Once the wireframing is complete, the project can progress to look at creative design.

By approaching the project in this way, if there are changes to the creative design concepts (as design is very subjective!), or a complete overhaul of the design in the future, we are able to make any changes or redesigns without having to go all the way back to the beginning of the website design project and start again..

Using a Content Management System
To allow the website to function in the best possible way and ultimately help save costs, AMA website design agency recommends using a Content Management System (CMS). This will allow in­house editing of content and imagery as well as the creation of new pages (using the predetermined style guide). AMA has experience using a variety of CMS’ for different programming languages, from off-the-shelf systems such as Magento, WordPress, or Craft, through to Refinery, and if the project warrants it, a bespokely built CMS.
Testing, testing… and more testing
AMA places a heavy importance on testing to ensure the completed website is of a high standard in both the way it looks and functions. We believe the devil is in the detail, and apply our high standards to any web design project we work on.
What about content?
Content is often the most overlooked part of a website design redevelopment, however content is the most important part of a website. The messaging, imagery, copy text, and calls to action, all work to sell a website to online human visitors as well as satisfy the search engine robots as they crawl websites to enable ranking in their listings.

People use mobile devices in different locations and contexts. In many circumstances they are able to choose the device to consume content on. Content should not be restricted, but instead prioritised and structured differently for mobile devices. Through this process the desktop website itself will improve and become more focused. For example, if you are considering not using certain content for the mobile, it might be the case that it’s actually not needed at all.

Ideally content should be established at the very start of the website project. This way the web designers and developers know exactly how big each section is and can establish if the website design needs to incorporate items such as accordions or tabs to ensure avoiding large text blocks, etc.