Based in Leeds but working with brands across the UK, AMA brings you a team of creative talent who can add an extra dimension to your digital presence through awesome animation, motion graphics and video production services. 

In addition to vibrant, moving visuals, we also have the skills and capabilities to provide all supporting services too – from idea generation, to story boarding and scripting, we have everything covered.

Whatever you’re trying to communicate, video and moving graphics can help you to create an immediate connection with your audience – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t rather put their feet up and watch a narrative played out on screen rather than reading through a load of text?!


Bringing your brand to life with moving pictures…

The way customers seek and digest information has changed a lot over recent years. For an optimum online experience, graphics, photography and text are no longer quite enough. By offering alternative media, you can increase audience engagement and conversion rates.

Each of the following services can be stand-alone or combined for an even more powerful experience – and we offer guidance and advice all the way, ensuring you choose the right format for your objective.

Video production services

We can script and produce any type of video content you require, such as infomercials, documentaries, adverts, product videos and event videos. Whatever your ideas, our production specialists will meet and exceed your expectations.

Motion graphics

Perhaps you want an ‘introducer’ on your website home page, or want to demonstrate your services or processes in a visually engaging way – whatever you need, our motion graphics experts can create great characters and movement to match your message.

Animation services

If you want to bring your brand to life, then animation is a great tool. We can animate pretty much anything, helping you to tell your brand story through one of the most compelling mediums around – a big hit with customers and plenty of creative scope.

Scripts and voiceovers

From transcripts, scriptwriting and subtitles, to voiceovers and actors, we have the creative capacity to produce and deliver every element of your video, animation or motion graphics project. And we’re full of innovative ideas for stories and campaigns.