While we offer a range of marketing consultancy services to help put your brand in the spotlight, any promotional activity should start with the input and advice of an experienced digital marketing consultant. Here at AMA, our experts have helped brands across the UK to attract, engage and retain the customers that count.

We believe in a ‘market focused’ approach rather than ‘service led’ – because the best communications and highest conversions come from truly understanding your audience. What are they looking for? How do they like to digest information? What problems can we solve for them? How can we deliver these things and create an ongoing dialogue that keeps them coming back for more?

Digital engagement and success can only be realised by building connections and producing marketing strategies that offer genuine value to your customers – and we have the tools, techniques and experience to help you do just that.

How can a digital marketing consultancy help your brand?

Your brand activities, values and team are unlike any other. While your category or sector may be saturated with competition, in the digital world, there are ways to stand out in the crowd.

We’ll provide you with a dedicated marketing consultant who’ll support you for the entire span of your project, learning about your business so they can position and present you in the most effective way possible.

Our tailored digital marketing advice comes in many forms, but some of the marketing consultancy services we offer include:

As a market-focused consultancy, we step outside of your internal operation and think about your brand from your customers’ point of view, creating a range of innovative and cleverly crafted ideas designed to grab attention.
When dealing with marketing agencies, knowing who you’re selling to is crucial, so we research, analyse and consider your competitors and customers for a whole-market view of where you are, where you aspire to be and what it’ll take to get you there.
Whether it’s just your website or previous digital marketing campaigns, we can conduct thorough audits to help us get a clear picture of your current position – providing bespoke recommendations for required improvements.
Digital Strategy
Whether using our designers, SEO and PPC experts and copywriters, or creating your campaigns in-house, we’ll create a strategy with success written all over it. Whatever your budget, we’ll work to bring you the best return on investment.

Your digital marketing consultant will constantly monitor and adapt your online activities, striving to increase your return on investment at every stage.