As technology advances and user behaviour adapts in line with the changes, it’s crucial to choose an agency that recognises and responds to the value of genuine digital marketing innovation – otherwise campaigns stagnate and become less effective overtime.

Here at AMA we live and breathe digital. We interact with it every day, both as professionals and consumers/end-users. Our passion for digital marketing means that we don’t just sign off at the end of the day and forget about it, but continue our journey of discovery when most regular people are relaxing and switching off from work.

We’re always hungry for innovative ideas and eager to learn and implement the latest methods and digital skills… whilst thinking up new and exciting strategies too.

Unique solutions

Our team of digital marketing specialists are united in the opinion that innovation is everything.

Standing still eventually, essentially, means sliding backwards. In digital marketing, you constantly need to be coming up with inventive concepts to ensure clients’ campaigns gain traction and evoke the right reaction.

If nothing new is inspiring us, we simply (although it’s not always simple!) create a an innovative initiative ourselves.


We don’t just keep up with current trends, because what’s fresh today soon becomes yesterday’s news. Our approach to digital marketing innovation means that we’re always keeping one step ahead, looking to the future so we can help your business to grow.

We also realise that no two campaigns are (or should be) the same. It’s our job to develop a distinctive marketing approach that fits your business, user requirements and your ultimate objectives.

Everything we design and deliver is tailored, original and unique to your business.