Here at AMA, our team of digital experts know what it takes to grab the attention of your audience and encourage them to take the action you want – our email marketing services cover everything you need for cost-effective communications.

Whether you’re reaching out to existing customers, want to target a new audience or segment, or have a specific product or service you want to shout about, our strategic and flexible approach ensures email campaigns that create those all-important connections.

We offer a comprehensive range of email marketing services that covers every angle needed to achieve results. Our creative team and consultants are full of great ideas, and our eye for detail delivers campaigns that convert.



Cost-effective email campaigns

Because we can provide every element of your campaign requirements, we can keep costs down without compromising on quality. We can devise a bespoke strategy to meet your objectives, and have experts on hand for all your copywriting, graphic, development and distribution requirements.

We can help you to manage and build your database of contacts, and our marketing specialists will monitor, analyse and adjust your email campaigns to optimise performance.

Email newsletters

Keeping in touch with your customers is crucial, and a monthly, bi-weekly or even more frequent newsletter is a great way to maintain your visibility. From the latest news to interesting articles, regular updates can help to build a reputation as your industry’s primary source of information.

New products and services

Updating your website with new information isn’t enough – how will your audience know there’s something new on offer if you don’t tell them? We create campaigns that keep your customers informed, whether it’s the latest trends or a seasonal –specific service, or anything else!

Promotions and special offers

A great way to boost your bottom line is to tempt your customers back with a great offer or promotion. From a time-limited discount, a refer-a-friend promotion, or even a percentage off their next purchase above a specified value, we’ll help drive paying patrons to your website.

Personalised email campaigns

The personal touch goes a long way in business, but it takes more than just using their name for them to remember yours. We can develop auto-generated campaigns to target customers on their birthday, or segment your audience so the right people are receiving the most relevant information.

These are just a few of the most common types of campaign we can develop, but with your brand knowledge and our expertise, we can adapt our email marketing services to suit any requirement.