How people meet their needs in “I want to know” moments

When you want to find out something, or are just looking for inspiration, you’d usually turn to your mobile and search for the answer. For marketers, these “I want to know” moments are used to influence brand perception.

The most common types of “I want to know” moments:

  1. General knowledge – What’s happening in the news?
  2. Food & Grocery – What are healthy breakfast choices?
  3. Shopping – What’s the return policy?

Most used device in “I want to know” moments

“66% of people use their phone in their “I want to know” moments”

Top 5 ways people address “I want to know” moments:

  • 81% use search
  • 55% visit a non-retailer website or app
  • 40% look at images or photos online
  • 34% visit a retailer website or app
  • 26% watch a video online

What happens in “I want to know” moments affects purchase decisions

Mobile’s influence:

85% of people took a relevant action on their phone prior to making a purchase.

Search’s influence:

62% of purchasers were influenced by a relevant search

Why does this matter?

Mobile and the search options have a huge influence on how people find information quickly and efficiently. So if your brand is seen when searching for other information, this could be valuable for your business. Check that you’re tracking mobile interactions, and where you appear on the search pages.

Source: Think With Google