Creating content that reflects your brand is important for building up your business, and can really inspire your audience if done correctly. It doesn’t just have to be text-based blog posts, this can refer to your Instagram photos, videos, podcasts, Tweets and Facebook posts. The aim of your content is to engage your visitors, and so creating interesting reading material is key.

Here are our top tips in getting your brand’s content right.


First of all, you need to think about what your audience and potential customers/clients want to see. Your audience mainly follow you for your brand, and so this means creating content that is relevant to your sector. For example if you own a shoe shop, you want to be writing about the latest fashion trends or something similar, as opposed to how to repair a race car. This wouldn’t be interesting to your audience, and would also ruin your brand continuity.

You may also find that you have different audiences on different social media platforms. This could mean changing up what you post on each platform to suit the needs of each audience.


There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re talking to a robot. People like to know that there is a person behind that screen of yours, so ensure that your content has some personality behind it. The easiest way to do this is to write about personal experiences relating to your brand, or to emphasise why your company is different to the rest. This gives your brand a more personalised feel, and people will feel as though they can trust you more.


No one likes a liar. If you were to make up a lie to get attention, this can easily be found out and could seriously damage your company reputation. Add value to your content by including true stories, genuine emotions and reactions, and facts or stats.



Take time to think and plan your next post. If you rush your content, it will most likely not look as professional as you’d hoped, and therefore not engage with the audience. Taking your time to plan means you can think about the topic, how it relates to your company, and what you’d like to achieve by creating the content.


The great thing about content is that it doesn’t just have to be words on paper. Take a moment to think about which format your content would work best in. Your blog post could easily be shortened into a video, or extend into a podcast conversation. Some stats you discover could be made into an infographic or used as a tweet. It’s all about what works best in what format. Remember, most audiences prefer looking at images or videos as opposed to a wall of text.


Your content is used to engage with your audience, but it can go one step further. Although your content can inspire your audience to buy your products or use your services, sometimes your posts can be so good that customers want to become brand ambassadors. This can work wonders for your business as it really gets your products and services out there, and your audience can relate to the experiences of fellow customers, which could potentially bring in more business.

Using these tips will ensure that your content is right for your brand, and can be successful if done right. If you need help with your content, contact AMA today.