With search, consumers now have so many choices at their fingertips. Therefore, they are usually undecided on what brand/product they want to purchase. 60% of smartphone users say they discovered a new products or company when conducting a search on their smartphone.

More than 8 in 10 undecided CPG shoppers say they’re considering multiple brands or don’t have a brands in mind at all when making their purchase decisions. This means CPG shoppers have many more opportunities to change their minds. We know they’re more research-obsessed than ever before, even for everyday purchases.

Shoppers Want to Understand How Products are Meeting Their Needs

More than 60% of CPG customers searched more than one time throughout their search for a product that meets their needs. They tend to do this to uncover more information about a product or service and look deeper into the category before making a purchase decision.

80% of shoppers who searched said that it influenced their decision to purchase in all three of the CPG categories. Mobile searches for things like “top  _____ brands” and “best _____ brands” are up 95% over the past two years.

CPG Shoppers Want a Personalised Experience

Shoppers who use search and are looking for consumer packaged goods, are 2X more likely to do their first search on Google than on any other search engine, this is why it is extremely important to optimise your company’s website for Google Rankings. 75% of shoppers said they used search early in their process.

CPG consumers are searching more personal terms when looking to find the products they want. That’s why we’re also seeing upper-funnel mobile queries starting with “shampoo for …” up by 90% and ending with “… to avoid” up by 150% over the last two years.

Brand Websites Influence Buying Decisions

Brand manufacture sites off fully controlled digital gateways for interested shoppers. Shoppers buying decision are affected massively depending on the experience they have on a brands website. Moreover, 67% of smartphone users said they’re more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites customise the information they provide to their current location.

What Marketers Should Keep in Mind

  1. Ensure you digital touch points are up to standard – shoppers like to get their information on all devices and from all locations, so ensure that your ready to meet your consumers needs with a relevant, custom experiences through their purchase decision
  2. Invest in Your Company’s Site Experience – You can convert customers through your website. CPG shoppers as a whole, visit the physical store after visiting the brands website
  3. Speak to the undecided shopper – consumers still look for more information on brands and how they can solve their needs even though brand loyalty had weakened