Apple has a secret folder!
iPhone’s image recognition tools lead to fears that it is storing our intimate photos in a special ‘Brassiere’ folder!

Coke Rebrand
Coca-Cola Spain has given their cans and bottles a makeover that honours the brand’s history while still providing more clarity for the grab-and-go crowd.

Mario Art Mobile
You will soon be able to play Mario Kart on your phone! Nintendo have confirmed that Mario Kart Tour will be released on phones in March 2019.

Audi Skiing Advert
French ski champion and filmmaker Candide Thovex races down a mountain without Any Snow at All!

Doritos for Women
Doritos is making lady-friendly tortilla chips that are quieter to eat, less messy and come in a packet designed to fit in handbags!

ASDA is dropping 5p bags
ASDA has said it will get rid of 5p carrier bags in its stores by the end of the year as well as cheap re-usable coffee cups and plastic cutlery to fight back against the war on plastic!