Advertisements are alive and well on YouTube. On average, YouTube gets around 30 million visitors per day. Here are the top 10 most watched* YouTube Ads of July 2017.

*Note that these stats are based on the YouTube view count on 22nd August 2017.

1. #ProudToBe: Celebrate Brave Voices this Pride – YouTube

  • Views – 6.1 million
  • Brand – YouTube Spotlight UK
  • Creative agency – We Are Social
  • Media agency – Essence

YouTube Spotlight have compiled together clips of brave members of the LGBTQ+ community speaking up for what they believe in and promoting equality.

2. Go Binge – Three UK

  • Views – 4.2 million
  • Brand – Three UK
  • Creative agency – Wieden+Kennedy
  • Media agency – Mindshare

Three UK found a creative way of showing off their no-data-charge-when-streaming service.This allows you to watch all your favourite films with no worries on how it will affect your data, so you can feel “dolpha-sloth chill”.

3. Equal Love – Absolut

  • Views – 4.2 million
  • Brand – Absolut
  • Creative agency – BBH London
  • Media agency – Fullsix

Celebrating equality, Absolut support and spread the message of equal love for all with this emotional ad. After all, love sees no colour.

4. All New Ford Fiesta TV Ad – Ford UK

  • Views – 1.8 million
  • Brand – Ford UK
  • Media agency – GTB

Ford honours the release of the All-New Ford Fiesta with this nostalgic piece of film comparing then to now.

5. Lunchtime is coming… – KFC UK and Ireland

  • Views – 1.6 million
  • Brand – KFC UK and Ireland
  • Creative agency – BBH London
  • Media agency – Blue 449

Chicken with fries… chicken with fries… chicken with RICE! KFC use this Game of Thrones reference to sell their new Riceboxes successfully.

6. The Golf GTE ad: The Button – Volkswagen UK

  • Views – 1.4 million
  • Brand – Volkswagen UK
  • Creative agency – Adam & Eve DDB
  • Media agency – PHD UK

Volkswagen appeal to film fanatics while promoting their Golf GTE button for electric and petrol cars. Feel all-powerful with the push of a button.

7. Tyler, the Creator x Converse – Converse

  • Views – 1.6 million
  • Brand – Converse

Converse use famous face Tyler, the Creator to promote their durable shoes. Many, many One Star’s were harmed in the making of this ad.

8. Little Balloon Doggy – Dogs Trust

  • Views – 1.1 million
  • Brand – Dogs Trust

This adorable ad uses balloon doggies to persuade everyday people to adopt a dog from Dogs Trust. “Every dog has a special someone. They’re just waiting to be found.”

9. Bag Switch – Compare the Market

  • Views – 500,000+
  • Brand – Compare the Market

With the release of the new Spiderman movie, Compare the Market used this excellent ad to promote their cinema ticket offer. The lovable meerkats may forever be on our screens (and we’re not complaining).

10. The Difference Between Petrol and Diesel – Shell

  • Views – 450,000+
  • Brand – Shell
  • Media agency – Mediacom

The difference between petrol and diesel, as explained by Essex barbers. Educational yet hilarious!