In the coming year, people will not only be learning how to use voice activated speakers, they will be weaving them into their daily lives and routines. The emerging technology is shaping consumer behaviours, here are five things that prove this, which have been found out from people who own voice-activated speakers.1

It Makes Life Easier 

When speaking to your voice-activated speaker, you are talking to your virtual assistant – rather than having to type – which helps you get things done quickly and efficiently. This means more multitasking! There are various reasons why people turn to their assistant: 

  • It allows you to multitask 
  • Faster to use than other devices 
  • It allows you to instantly get answers and information 
  • It makes your daily routine easier 

Therefore, the virtual assistant is always available to provide information quickly and easily. This is also a positive thing for brands as companies will be able to advertise effectively, where everyone can hear it! This provides a new and efficient way to create brand awareness. 

They have Become Part of Daily Routine  

Voice Activated Speakers have become a part of people’s daily routines. As 72% of people who own a voice-activated speaker say that their device is often used as a part of their daily routine. Some day to day tasks include checking commute times, setting reminders for things and many more, are now done by speaking to your virtual assistant! From alarms to reminders, consumers have used their mobile devices as part of day-to-day life for a long duration of time now. However, were now seeing people drawn to their virtual assistant as the device allows them to get those things done in a shorter period of time!

It’s at the Centre of the Home 

It is proven that people put their voice-activated speakers at the centre of their homes where everyone in the house can have access to them, as: 

  • 52% of people put their virtual assistant in the Common room 
  • 25% of people put their virtual assistant in the Bedroom 
  • 22% of people put their virtual assistant in the Kitchen 

This means that the virtual assistant is always available to provide information quickly and easily, everyone can use it for daily tasks and to find out information. Everyone can also hear advertisements for services they may be interested in!

They Offer a New, More Human Relationship with Technology 

As more people integrate assistive technology into their homes, they are starting to engage with their assistant as if it is a real person. For example, they’re saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and sometimes even ‘sorry!’ People perceive the devices as more than just a piece of technology, they’re more similar to a person.  Consumers have become comfortable with the technology – despite the newness of it. So, this type of technology will excel and advance in the future, meaning their is more room for progression of virtual assistants. Consumer’s will be more trusting of the technology and will depend on the AI system to help them out with all their daily needs. 41% of people who own a voice-activated speaker say it feels more like speaking to another person or a friend rather than technology. 

They Provide a New Playground for Brands 

Voice-activated speaker owners, welcome brands as part of the experience! They are open to receiving information that is helpful and relevant to their lifestyle, this is shown through the statistics of what owners would like to receive from their brands: 

  • 52% of people would like information about deals, sales and promotions 
  • 48% of people would like personalised tips and information to make their lives easier 
  • 42% of people would like information about upcoming events or activities 
  • 39% of people would like options to find business information 
  • 38% of people would like access to customer service or support 

As explored earlier on, the speaker is placed in the most used rooms in the home. This is extremely useful for brands as everyone is able to speak to and hear the device vividly. Consumers are always looking for answers and recommendations in this day and age and depend on search to provide them with the answers they want. By using an AI system marketers will be able to promote their brands through the speaker and consumers will hear the advertisements that are promoted and take them into account. It is a whole new playground for brand marketers! After exploring this new type of technology, it is clear that it will be used more and more throughout the years as they are becoming a major part of daily life. 1.