With 75+ million daily users, it’s no wonder that people in their droves are turning their attention to the benefits of utilising Instagram for business and marketing. Those who are more reluctant to harness this platform tend to be those offering services rather than products that can easily be marketed through images and videos.

But while it may be true that the B2C sector has more opportunities to benefit from Instagram, there are plenty of opportunities across the board – here are our top tips for using Instagram to market your business…

5 ways to increase your brand profile on Instagram

1. Links and hashtags – think strategically and keep an eye on trends so you can jump on the latest hashtag wagon. Be seasonal and news-connected, and drive users to relevant landing pages, offers and content by tailoring your bio when needed to promote a specific campaign.

2. Don’t forget video – any look at marketing stats will tell you that videos can increase inbound traffic threefold when compared to text. Images are great, but don’t forget to post videos to create a stronger connection with your audience.

3. Geotagging – if you have multiple sites, or even visit multiple sites, jet abroad for meetings or generally get around a bit, the geotagging function is a great way to connect with your local audience.

4. Make it personal – people do business with people, so if you don’t have flashy products to show off, make the most of your team! Post pictures of work events, Christmas jumpers, cake contributions or anything else that shows the warmer and more personal side of your business.

5. Meme it – everyone loves a meme, especially Instagram users. You can overlay an image with text using online software really easily, so put a little thought into your message and think about what users will react positively too – then send out a meme with relevant, popular hashtags and let the audience of millions to the rest!

This year is set to be the year of Instagram for business, so start building it into your social media strategy now before you get left behind – we’re happy to offer our advice or run your social media campaigns for you, so call us on 0113 322 6211 if you’d like a no-obligation chat.