That might sound a bit sensational, but the best wearable tech on the market today can genuinely add value to your life. While wearable tech has always tended to offer something useful, as development’s escalated over recent years, there’s now loads of really cool gear that solves problems, rather than simply giving us an extra bit of gadgetry to pointlessly play with.

A few new wearable tech products have caught our eye recently, so we started digging to see what else was around and how it could help us day-to-day. Of course, nobody’s going to be blown away by yet another wearable fitness tracker, because they were one of the first innovations that caught the public’s eye, but tech has loads more potential these days.

New wearable tech to look out for

It’s still true that a lot of the best wearable tech is still health-based, but there are also some great new products for sale or in development that can help with other things too. Here are some of our favourite:

  • Sweet dreams – A Kickstarter success story that’s raised over $2million, Kokoon EEG headphones mould to the shape of your head for minimal sleep disturbance, and monitor your brainwaves to adjust their sound and noise cancelling tech to your current level of relaxation. By learning about your sleep patterns, they wake you gently and naturally at the correct point in your sleep cycle so that you feel alert and fresh – no better way to start the day!
  • A new way to pay – yes, we already have Apple Pay and Barclaycard Loop, but a smart student has created press-on nails that can replace your Oyster card for London travel payments. No more fumbling to find your pass in your purse or pocket!
  • Love your liver – worried about your alcohol consumption? The next step up from apps that calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC) is the soon-to-be-launched BACtrack. Worn on the wrist, it directly measures your BAC without the chance to cheat the system by ‘forgetting’ to input data!
  • Keep track of your kids – the inquisitive nature of kids can see them get distracted and wander off to investigate something new. Tethering your child to a harness is an uncomfortable thought for many parents, so KiLife has developed a wearable tech solution that will automatically set off an alarm on your device when your little one gets to a specified distance from you. This has to be one of the best wearable tech solutions available when it comes to safety and peace of mind.
  • Personal security – the Charm Alarm is great piece of kit for security. Stick the card in your wallet, purse or bag and if someone steals it, the linked jewellery will vibrate and alarm will sound on both items, so they know that you know it’s going walkabout.
  • Life mimicking art – admit it, when you first read/watched Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you were desperate for the Babel Fish to become a reality weren’t you?! Then get set for the Pilot Earpiece due for release next year. Both parties need an earpiece for the associated app to do its thing, but with a phrasebook function and conference capabilities, it’s a great way of overcoming the language barrier as it auto-translates what the other person is saying – right in your ear!
  • Pokémon Go – yes, it’s set to be the game of the year and now avid Pokémon hunters can explore the opportunity of playing via smartglasses. Read about the port process from ODG – maybe you really can catch ’em all!

Wearable tech with added benefits

So as you can see, as more and more new wearable tech products come out, we continually expand the horizons of the help it can offer.

There are loads more amazing products out there – from tech to help with your posture, touchscreen keyboards that project straight onto your skin and even Google Smart contact lenses currently in development for diabetes sufferers… the best wearable tech solves genuine problems rather than just being something to play with!