AMA brings years of experience to every graphic design project, developing customised concepts and eye-catching solutions that help your audience to connect with your brand. We will work closely with you to ensure we have an in-depth understanding, enabling us to develop strong visuals that send a strong message about your brand.

What design services does AMA offer?

We understand that different formats require different design considerations – such as catering for ‘fat finger syndrome’ on mobile websites, or recognising when a detailed design won’t work on a small business card. Also, with a focus on partnerships, we believe in becoming part of your team, albeit remotely from our offices in Leeds! Our graphic design services include:


Logo & Brand Design

Whether you’re starting from scratch or feel your business branding needs an update, we can create the perfect visual persona for you. From a logo design and all your business stationery to full brand guidelines, we offer any level of support you require.

Digital Design

More than just a creative agency, we have a real dedication to digital – so for infographics, website design support, digital banners, email campaigns or anything else you need designing to elevate your digital presence, we’d love to dazzle you with our knowledge!

App Desgin

Complementing our digital graphic design services, we can also create visuals for app development projects, ensuring that your app is appealing, engaging and carries the right branding and graphic stylisation – we even offer animation services too!

Marketing & Print

While we work primarily in digital, sometimes you need a multi-faceted approach to maximise reach and visibility. Our graphic designers will put together brochures, presentations, flyers and any other type of printed marketing collateral you need.