Social Media is becoming the best place to market your business online. All digital marketers have come across a variety of social media management tools such as: Hootsuite and SocialSprout throughout their careers. However, we have rounded up some unique, lesser known social media tools we have come across that you may not have known about to boost your brand’s presence online

To actively promote your brand and improve your brand advocacy, you need to ensure you have leveraged the right tools to help you manage your social media marketing. Marketing your brand on social media allows you to gain more presence online and achieve your company goals. The use of social media tools has increased massively over the years as over 4 billion people around the world are now on the internet and nearly a quarter of a billion new users came online for the first time in 2017! So here’s our recommendation of lesser known / unique social media tools to use to boost your brand presence.


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that lets you schedule your tweets and other social posts. It also allows you to update your timelines which allows you to reach new customers and engage existing customers in your content. Buffer has over 1 million users, so you can’t go wrong using this tool!

Buffer also has additional features such as Buffer Reply.

Buffer Reply turns your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram engagement into threaded conversations, all neatly organized in one inbox for your team to tackle, together. Moreover, most social media tools are built for marketing, not customer service.  Buffer is designed to keep your support team perfectly in sync, so you can deliver incredible support in a fraction of the time.Reply also provides Filters let you bypass the chatter of social media, so your team can focus on support-related conversations, crush the queue, and get to inbox zero faster.

Tweet Deck

We’ve all heard of Tweet Deck, but we wanted to add in this article as it’s such a good tool. Don’t forget to use it!

Twitter Marketing, when done correctly, can help drive new leads and customers to your business. There are various tools you can use to do this. However, Tweetdeck enables you to:

  • Create a custom Twitter experience: You can easily organize and build collections, tracklists, searches and other activities
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for: as at the top of each timeline, TweetDeck allows you to create searches to track topic, hashtags and what’s trending
  • Manage multiple accounts: follow new accounts, tweet new posts, and manage your accounts!

Your customers’ experiences on social media are created and profiled individually. Moreover, you can manage your timelines, track sites visited, searches made, all the activities, and the user behaviors are displayed in a single user interface.

All these are meant to strengthen customer relationship with your audience.


Crowdbooster provides you with the most relevant and significant social media real-time reports which include: the number of likes, comments, shares, retweets, reach and many more!

To get the best out of your social media, it’s important to understand social timing to boost engagement with your posts. Crowdbooster gives you insights on the best time to post a social media post on each platform. Using this tool, rather than analysing your social media reports manually, will be more efficient for your social media management as crowdbooster updates automatically and periodically.


Tailwind is the official marketing partner of Pinterest. Therefore, it is the most efficient and attractive tool to increase your social marketing through Pinterest. 

Advertising on Pinterest can be an opportunity for many brands as Pinterest users are targeted buyers as they are attracted to this social network due to its visual appeal so creating good visual content would be the way forward to market yourself on this up and coming social app.

Tailwind allows you to schedule multiple pins, bulk uploads and calendar to receive consistent audience engagement. You can also use the tool to optimize pins, by suggesting the most efficient time to send to post them to maximise your engagement.


With Sniply, you can add a call-to-action to every link you share. Sniply is one of the powerful social media tools that allows you to engage your followers through every link you share. Sniply generate a clear and attractive CTA into your content. This is a powerful way to increase lead generation.

Social media is a great source to get more traffic, by exposing your links across different platforms you will generate more leads. This is why sniply is the tool for you! It monitors your links, click through rates, conversion rates and collects a variety of data to show how engaged your audience is with the link you share!

Leveraging the right tools to help you manage your social media marketing is essential to your digital marketing efforts. It allows you to interact with your target demographic on a 1-to-1 level. Due to social media being ‘where it’s at’, you are guaranteed to catch your audience’s attention. Boosting your brand presence is essential to any business, so improve your digital marketing by getting yourself known on Social Media!