What is “The Multiscreen World?” The trend of people consuming content across a variety of platforms is nothing new, but has been accelerating massively. Last year (2017) almost 85% of internet users surfed the web whilst watching TV. This has increased from 75% in 2014! This presents challenges and threats for brands as creating separate campaigns for various different platforms can be a large expense for even the healthiest of marketing budgets. From smartphones and tablets to TV and laptops. 90% of all our media interactions are “screen-based.” It has been found that there are two distinctive ways people move across screens to get things done: simultaneously and sequentially. These two modes trigger specific behaviours e.g. online shopping, and which devices people are using at the each stage of these interactions.

  • The widespread presence of sequential usage makes it vital that businesses enable customers to save their progress between devices. Signed-in experiences, saved shopping carts and being able to email progress to oneself allows consumers to feel more engaged no matter what device the use to reach your site


  • During simultaneous usage, content viewed on one device initiates activity on another. Therefore, brands and business’ should not limit their conversion goals based on one device as marketing efforts viewed on one device can trigger specific activity on another.


  • When TV is watched, usually there is another screen being used. Knowing this can create opportunities for brands to convey your message and inspire action from your target audience. As a business, you should align and integrate your TV stradegy with your digital services to put your message across.


Why Use Omnichannel Marketing in Your Creative Strategies?

The good news for advertisers and marketers is that as addressable, programmatic and cross-device advertising continues to evolve, they’ll provide marketers with better ways to reach desired audiences irrespective of device. As simultaneous users consuming related content is increasing, marketers will be able to take this into consideration when implementing their marketing strategies. The mobile web and apps are making it easier for audiences to get more information about the content they’re consuming on one screen, by searching it on another.  Moreover, with the increasing prevalence of social media and messaging apps, consumers are able to connect with one another about the content they’re consuming.