Apple is supposed to launch new products! – Apple to launch three new iPhones, a Watch with larger screen and updated iPad Pros!T he tech world is waiting expectantly for Apple to announce its latest batch of iPhones. The devices will likely be unveiled sometime in the second week of September, and rumors this year have been pretty consistent, pointing to the launch of three new devices.

WhatsApp to start making money from businesses – WhatsApp (which Facebook bought for £11bn in 2014) says users will continue to have full control over the messages they receive, and that businesses will pay to send certain messages so they are selective and chats “don’t get cluttered”.

You can now apply to be verified in Instagram -Instagram is letting more people apply for verification starting today, and it’s also rolling out general security improvements. Accounts that have large audiences can now directly ask for verification through a form, instead of hoping that Instagram will one day grant them the status

Facebook Watch goes international – The platform will be available globally, meaning partners can now reach an audience of billions of people across countries and languages. That’s a massive audience addition, and it gives Facebook access that’s on par with YouTube and Netflix.

DC Streaming Service – The streaming service is designed as a one-stop-shop for all things DC, and it’ll allow members to draw from a huge library of TV, film, and comics. Warner Bros. announced the platform last year, saying it would come with a slate of original live-action and animated shows

KFC Colonel’s Club App – By joining Colonel’s Club and you’ll be able to get your hands on free rewards, offers and invites to exclusive events! Scan your app and collect a stamp with every purchase over £3 or two stamps when you spend £15 or over. You’ll even get you started with some: one if you sign up online and three if you sign up on the app.