Consumer shopping habits have changed considerably over the past few years. There has been an increase in their need for convenience, speed and security and privacy. Therefore, retailers have had to adapt their solutions to meet the needs of their consumers.

Retail Trends

Digital fuels future growth

  • 1 in 4 shoppers are carrying out their shopping via smartphones and tablets

Smartphones are driving force in retail change

  • 4 in 10 mobile users use their devices for online purchases.

Cross-channel purchases are growing

  • Omnichannel shopping has increased by 38%, this has increased from 36% since

Frequency of Purchases by Method

Multi-channel net – 38%:

  • 8% – search in store and buy online
  • 8% – Research online and in store then buy online
  • 8% – Research online and in store then pay in store
  • 14% – Search online then buy in store

Single Channel net – 62%:

  • 42% – Search and buy online
  • 20% – Search and buy in-store

Why Use Mobile?

So why should we use mobile in retail? Studies have shown 31% say smartphones are more convenient and 28% say they have their smart phone in store when they need to use it for researching or shopping, therefore making it more desirable to use their phone.

Moreover, 22% don’t want to bother turning on another device if they already have their smartphone at hand.

Types of Consumer

Power shoppers / seasoned shoppers use various different channels of online shopping and use retail apps instead of a web browser.

These type of shoppers like:

  1. Customer service when shopping online
  2. Store-based shopping conveniences & capabilities
  3. To search and browse

Millennials are aged 18-34 years, considered “digital experts” and purchase on multiple channels and use their smartphone to make payments in store.

These type of shoppers like:

  1. Social media for ideas/inspiration
  2. Retail Apps
  3. Seeking advice from friends and family
  4. Making purchases online

Retailer Apps

Mobile use tends to be on retailers apps and consumers often use their retail app instead of a web browser. Using applications are a great way for individual retailers to reach their frequent and loyal shoppers.

This can be backed up as 42% of power shoppers, 43% of Urban shoppers, 30% of Suburban shoppers and 28% of rural shoppers use retail apps instead of using a web browser.

Reasons Not to Use Retail Apps

  • 53% of shoppers like using the website better
  • 31% of shoppers are concerned about security
  • 19% of shoppers shop with multiple retailers, and don’t want to download an app for each one
  • 28% of shoppers say apps take up to much space on their mobile device
  • 65% of shoppers are wary of having their personal information hacked and stolen when using their mobile for purchasing products or creating an account.