Brandcast’s 2017 YouTube User Stats – 3 Video Viewing Behaviour Trends

People care about their favourite shows, rather than where they show up, watching endless content on both TV screens and devices.

Straight from Brandcast, YouTube’s NewFronts event, here are three trends that research is showing how much people are blurring the lines between TV and online video.

Trend #1 – watching TV on YouTube, watching YouTube on TV

  • Viewing time of TV channels on YouTube has grown 50% in the last year
  • Viewing time of YouTube content on TV screens doubled year over year

Trend #2 – More YouTube fans for both traditional and ‘internet-famous’ celebrities

  • In the U.S. since 2013, viewing time of top 20 TV celebrity videos on YouTube has tripled
  • Since last year, there’s been a 75% rise in channels with a million+ subscribers.

Trend #3 – Prime time, online

  • More 18-49-year olds visit YouTube than any TV network during prime-time hours of an average U.S. day – even on mobile alone!

What does this mean?

This shift in consumer behaviour demonstrates that viewers are already combining their love for TV and online video… and when media plans follow that trend, brands benefit too.

As an examples, over the course of a year, all U.S. TV campaigns over 600 Gross Rating Points (GRPs) per quarter would have reached more 18-49-year-olds by combining TV and Google Preferred—without spending more money!


Source: Think With Google