Great marketing comes from understanding your audience, so keeping an eye on behaviour is pretty crucial if you want to get things right. But marketers are often guilty of making assumptions that turn out to be untrue once you take a deeper look.

Here are 3 common marketing myths along with some YouTube viewing stats to show how the land really lies…

Myth #1 – as the primary caregivers, parenting content should be aimed at mums.

  • Dads watch more of this kind of YouTube content than mums, with 86% of dads accessing guidance on this platform.

Myth #2 – Millennials* and Gen Z** are more likely to consume their viewing on digital than other segments.

  • Gen X*** accounts for 1.5 billion+ daily YouTube views.
  • 75% of Gen X watch YouTube at least monthly from a digital device.

Myth #3 – Millennials consume digital entertainment, rather than information.

  • 93% of this audience actually visit YouTube in order to learn how to do something.


*   Born between 1977 and 1984
**  Born between 1995 and 2012
*** Born between 1966 and 1976


Source: Think With Google