The future of marketing

With technology advancing now more than ever, it’s important to implement these changes into your marketing. For example, voice activated machines weren’t being used as much as they are now, and so this could mean changing how you allow people to search for your products.

On Google, 20% of searches are now by voice

Consumers want their searching experience to be as easy as possible. Increasing numbers of people are using their voice to search for things on Google as opposed to typing it out. This follows the rise of voice activated technology such as Amazon Alexa.

For every second delay in mobile page load, conversions can fall to up to 20%

Users don’t want to wait for a webpage to load, especially on their mobiles as they are most likely on the go and wanting the result there and then. Ensure that your website loads on both mobile and desktop quickly and effectively. If you need help with this, contact AMA.

Expectations for good advertising are rising

It’s pretty much expected of a business to advertise their products and services well. Original ideas can be difficult to come up with, but once you have your excellent advertisement sorted, you’ll be remembered for the right reasons.