At the start of another new year, we thought we’d take a look at some emerging and growing digital marketing trends to consider implementing into your own strategy for 2023. With increasing economic challenges and much more to contend with, getting on the front-foot with your marketing could help you achieve greater success in the face of diversity. 

Digital marketing trends are largely dictated by consumer demand, so listen to your audience and provide an experience that best meets their needs. Here are some ways you could shake up your strategy this year to provide a more engaging brand experience…

Five digital marketing trends to boost your brand   

Staying current matters. As technology continues to improve and consumer needs change, it pays to harness new and effective marketing trends, such as:

  1. Consumer privacy and trust 

If you’ve never been affected by a data breach or poor privacy practices, you’ll have certainly heard about them. Recent research has shown that customers buy from, and stay with, brands that they can trust – so you need to give them control, in simple, clear ways. Read our previous blog on data privacy here for more insight.

  1. Automation and conversation 

Using automation in digital marketing isn’t new, but the technology is getting super-sophisticated, opening up opportunities for brands to harness AI and machine learning in order to deliver better user experiences. Managing multiple busy social media channels can be made easier with a focus on smart automation, while chatbots can be used to deliver conversational marketing experiences to guide consumers through the sales funnel in tailored and more natural-feeling dialogues. 

  1. Interactivity 

In the digital world, you need to grab attention fast… and find a way to maintain that engagement. This coming year, think about how you can update your website to provide a more interactive experience. For health and cosmetic brands, you might offer a quiz to help visitors find the right products. Or maybe you could offer a facility to calculate nutritional content in foods, the right sizes/quantities for purchasing materials, or make product comparisons. Interactive video content, competitions and infographics are a few more ideas – just think about what would work best for your industry, audience and brand. 

  1. Inclusivity 

As representation becomes more and more important, your whole digital – and broader – marketing plan needs to be considerate of all walks of life, from the larger majorities to the smallest of cultures, creeds and communities. By genuinely hearing, representing and championing all voices, you’ll establish yourself as a brand that understands the current climate, and responds accordingly. Seek out more diverse channels and platforms to reach consumers in their safest spaces – not every customer is part of the mainstream audience and environment. 

  1. Inspiring through influencers

Influencer marketing is changing. And this year, it will become more focused on integrity, localisation and real, human voices. Communities are starting to rally around local businesses once again as the pandemic takes a back-seat in the news, so make influencing personal and get out on the high street as well as relying on online channels. Create local consumer communities and don’t neglect more geographical-based strategies, as well as broader ones. These regular and engaged customers can be a huge voice for your brand, with any reviews or comments shared holding more weight from an integrity point of view. Even your own team can act as influencers – simply sharing stories of their good experiences with you as an employer will create a better buzz when it comes to recruiting or substantiating your name as an all-round ‘good egg’!

So there you go, that’s our five most favoured digital marketing trends to consider for 2023 – and remember you can always get in touch if you’d like to see how we can help you implement them.