Creating app marketing campaigns that really work

If you want to build efficient, effective app marketing campaigns, we offer a few quick tips for improving the performance of your app campaigns.

When it comes to creating app campaigns, the aim of the game is to encourage your audience to engage with your collateral and ultimately, download and install your app. So how do you do it?

Here are our tips to boost impact and your user numbers…

Five quick tips for your app campaigns

  1. Sound ON – audio captures your audience, so even if they choose not to have the volume up, make sure you provide the option to listen to a voiceover. You can draw out key points in on-screen captions, but an accompanying narration has been proven to improve campaign performance. Not just narration either – any audio elements you can add will help drive attention and engagement.
  2. Plan for the platform – audiences vary from platform-to-platform, so don’t just create one single asset for your app campaign and expect it to fit across all of them. Research the type of campaigns that do well across each platform you’re promoting through and create a slightly different approach accordingly. If you can, create a mixture of live action and animation, or if budget is tight, at least vary your message by creating a slightly different visual journey, voiceover or even on-screen captions. Once you’ve got an idea of user preference, this will help to inform further app marketing campaigns, improving your ROI in time.
  3. Avoid over-production – this may sound counter-intuitive, but according to various experiments, highly-polished campaigns can leave an audience cold. You can warm up their attention by relaxing your creative style and your tone of voice. Keep it casual if you want to be perceived as more relatable.
  4. Introduce the app early – make sure you show a visual of the app early on in your creative. It’s easy to get bogged down with details and benefits, but make sure you lock them in straight away, giving them a visual reference to pin the other info onto.
  5. Test – take a little time to test small ideas if you’re unsure of the bigger picture. You may find that creating an app campaign that kicks against the grain makes a bigger impact than your more conventional ads, informing a whole new idea for next time.

By adapting your app marketing approach, you’ll soon see your user numbers increase – and of course if you need any helping creating your app campaigns, you can always call on us for some professional support.