The iPhone X might not see its 1st birthday!

Apple is due to kill off it’s most expensive iPhone after the Summer, right when the next generation is due out.


What’s the need for excessive plastic packaging?

People aren’t happy about #pointless plastic on their shopping trips from naked onions to cauliflower steaks.


Move over Alexa, the HomePod’s on your tail

Apple are bringing out their own version of the Echo Dot, the HomePod is ‘the innovative wireless speaker’.


Ever wanted to know the speed of the WiFi before you join?

Well now with Android’s update 8.1, it will let you know if an open network is worth connecting before you go ahead and do.


Take a pill and monitor your gut health

It may sound mad, but Researchers in Australia have conducted a trial where having a sensor in the intestines of patients, linking up to an app will tell you about your gut health.


YouTube are removing videos of the latest trend; Tide Pod Challenge

Fancy eating a detergent tablet? No, most people wouldn’t but thanks to social media the latest trend is to do just that. However YouTube are removing videos posted of the challenge from their site.